Guest Lecture on Digital Memory

Figure 3.2 copy.jpg
Screen capture from the documentary game, The Cat and the Coup, in which you play the game as the cat of Iranian Prime Minister Mossadeq during the CIA coup against him in 1953

In January, 2017 I’ll be giving a guest lecture in the wonderful course, Somatechnics: Bodies and Power in a Digital Age, led by Dr. Domitilla Olivieri and Dr. Magda Gorska. My lecture will be based on a chapter of my book, The Internet and Formations of Iranian American-ness, which will also be coming out in 2017. The chapter focuses on how practices of collectively remembering the past involve various forms of media. Specifically, it raises questions about what digital mediation does to these practices of remembering. One of the striking examples that I discuss in the chapter is The Cat and the Coup. Continue reading “Guest Lecture on Digital Memory”

Press Release: Wilders protesters were unlawfully arrested


This week, the lawyer who is working on the cases of myself and the nine other women who were arrested in January this year for staging a protest against Geert Wilders got in touch with some news. He let us know that the the public prosecutor had confirmed in an email that our cases had been dismissed on the grounds that our arrests had been unlawful. I’ve added an English language translation of the press release he drafted together with us below. Please feel free to spread it as you see fit. This outcome important for a number of reasons…

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Chairing a Masterclass session on migration and social media at KNAW

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam 

Yesterday I was happy to chair a fascinating Masterclass session led by Farida Vis, who is Director of the Visual Media Lab in Sheffield. The session was given by Farida at the KNAW as part of an event organized by Koen Leurs and Sandra Ponzanesi on migration, media, and digital technology.  Farida gave an interactive talk about the work she’s doing with her team at the Visual Media Lab about the circulation of images, such as that of Alan Kurdi, and their role in shaping discussions of the refugee debate in the UK.

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Presentation at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University

The photo was taken after our ECREA panel presentation earlier this month 

Last week, fresh back from ECREA 2016 in Prague, the team and I presented our preliminary work at a seminar for PhDs, Postdocs, and guest fellows affiliated with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON). The ICON is the interdisciplinary research institute of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University, and the seminar brings together a range of young researchers around themes of gender, media, culture, history, and literature. Continue reading “Presentation at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University”

Flying to Prague to present in ECREA conference panel on Digital Diasporas and Belonging in Europe


Anticipating giving my paper this week at the 6th European Communication Conference. You can find the panel details here. I’m happy to be presenting alongside my research team members for the first time! Doing some last minute work during my wait at the airport. And wondering what the media and communications crowd will think of our preliminary findings.

Op-ed in the NRC Handelsblad: No feminism without anti-racism

The illustration from the original NRC piece

Catherine Black, Domitilla Olivieri and I wrote an opinion piece that was published today (under a different title) in the Dutch national newspaper, NRC Handelsblad. I’ve posted an English language version of that piece below, as well as an interesting update: Continue reading “Op-ed in the NRC Handelsblad: No feminism without anti-racism”